Problem with the Aspect Ratio on NON-widescreen monitor!!!

There was a problem: I have NOT widescreen(16:9) monitor, as usual, (4:3), LCD, AOC, 19 inches. Before the last update the game is show in fullscreen mode now there "letterbox" mode and is really annoying to play like this. Please we need you fix this! P.S. Thank you in advance for considering this problem. Sorry for my english.

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i take it you're from Venezuela?

anyways, under one of the options settings, there should be a "screen adjust" or "screen aspect" option to let you choose how tall and wide the picture is.

the screen adjust ingame just alters the position of the ingame hud

Might want to check the aspect ration from the dashboard itself. The update may have for some reason changed it to widescreen.

You must have changed it without knowing. The update wasn't an actual update, it was a preupdate. The update for BF3 comes out sometime in December.