Problem with Shangri La Zombies

Is anyone still having problems loading Shangri La?  I can play the other maps on Annihilation, but this one freezes during the initial music.  I have tried all the suggested solutions (delete, clear cache, download again)  (download to usb memory, not hard drive), but nothing works and it still freezes in the exact same spot.  Disc is OK and am able to play everything else.  Thanks for your help. 


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Download black ops to your harddrive

I'm having no such problems. Mine works just fine and I did not load the game onto my hard drive. But that suggestion may solve your problems.

When I first downloaded and installed the DLC, I stored on my hard drive.  I then deleted and reinstalled on the hard drive several times and stll not working.  I then tried the USB method and stored it on a flash drive and tried to run it off there, but it froze again and the exact same spot.  it starts loading, the music plays, but it freezes once the music stops.  Same thing every time.  

Yea that is why you install black ops to your hard drive because something is wrong with your disk.

i am a little confused and hopefully you can get me through this.  what do you mean by installing black ops to the hard drive?  i have the cod disc and i separately downloaded the annihilation dlc to my xbox hard drive.   what should i be doing differently?  thanks again for your help.  

PFS xSaviior

i now see what you mean. i will try install the cod disc to hard drive and give it a shot.  thx.  

Yea mine keeps freezing in the same spot also I played it once but all the other times it freezes

im having the same exact problem. installed the game on to my hard drive and everthing. it will not load for zombies

If you guys installed the game try redownloading the maps