problem with sequence 6 memory 3 trojan horse.

to get 100% sync you suppose to no lose any health.

ive already done this like 4 times with full health, didnt lose any health squares at all. but the game still says i did, so i only get 50% sync.

is this a glitch or bug? ive tried restarting the xbox, and do the memory again without losing any health at all, and its still not working.



trying to get the achievement for 100% sync on AC and Da Vinci


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somebody help

You sure you are not losing any health? If you lose health but quickly use medicine doesn't count. If the message saying "Full Synchronization Failed" doesn't show up and you are still not getting it then I don't know what to tell you

i think the hardest part of that is at the end when the papal guards attack you. they just charge at you but if you are ready you can use the call assassin barrage with the 3 bars to kill them before the papal guards get to you. that would be my guess as to where you are having problems

What Tommy said, just run through everyone until you reach them and call in an Arrow Storm, feel free to spend the remaining time laughing at their dead bodies.

XxplosiveG..... I also am having a problem with this. I either get all the way to the end and call the arrow storm in ( which doesn't seem to work ) and then I get attacked by a papal guard and lose just ONE square of health..... or somewhere in the walking process to the end, I get alerted to. It's never the three guards you come across.... I get recognized by another guard just walking around that's near the three you're supposed to kill. I've tried hiring courtesans, everything... and the arrow storm doesn't recharge fast enough. Frustrating as heck. Any thoughts anyone??

I think what I did was send the assassin's separately for each papal guard. Being all maxed out they took the papal guards easily