Problem with getting an achievements

I have tried for the achievement for

They've Always Been Faster

I have tried for it 3 times I did not get into any vehicle.. and It really frustates me that is wont give me the   achievement.... and I know for a fact I have earned it what do you think I should do...


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... Ok.

First off, you sure you doing it above Easy (has to be done on Normal-Legendary, I did it on Heroic)

Do it on a difficulty above easy, and don't even touch the Vehicals and you should get it once the fckn picks you up.

YOU HAVE TO DO IT ABOVE EASY.... okay I may have to do it again....thank you for your wisdom

hey and speedy i did not mean to remove you just send me anther FR so I can have my dad accept it because I have to have a password to accept it