Problem with Genesis DLC

Hey guys, I just downloaded the Genesis DLC and started over with a new character.  I could tell it changed certain things (Liara was on the Normandy while it was under attack instead of Ashley) but right after Shepard is ejected from the Normandy and it shows the game title, I get a blank screen instead of it loading up the DLC.  Aside from redownloading the DLC, has anyone else had this problem?


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No offense but why would you get that useless storyline dlc and rob yourself of Mass Effect 1's amazingness.

I'd suggest deleting Genesis, re-download it, then try again as it's 'supposed' to kick in as Shepard has been 'ejected' from the Normandy. If that doesn't work, then I'm not sure what else to suggest. Apart from ignoring it and using ME1 instead... but that's just my own opinion.

Yeah, I'd suggest just playing ME1 completely so you can see all of the less major decisions you made take effect in ME2 and 3. But besides that I don't know what is wrong with your stuff.