Problem with Cerberus Network DLC. Where are the missions?

I have recently downloaded the Cerberus Network DLC off of the Xbox marketplace.  It downloaded itself onto my Xbox without any trouble and that screen that lists all of the recent DLC has appeared on the main menu.  When I go to play the game, however, all of the other content that came with the pack, such as Zaeed, isn't there.  I didn't get a message from The Illusive man mentioning that Zaeed could be recruited, and his dossier dosen't appear on the recruiting screen.  I haven't received any messages about the other content that came with the DLC.  Does anyone know what the problem could be?  Am I not that far into the game to receive the missions (I just acquired the Normandy SR2)?  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.


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Cerberus Network is a online pass, go to the DLC list page in the game and if you see them with a check mark then you have it in your hard drive, if not then you have to download it by clicking it on each one and follow the instruction or pay it. i know some are free if you have the pass, other like the shadow broker you must pay it with microsoft points.

I just checked.  The missions are there online for free.  That would explain why the network downloaded faster than the other DLC missions.  Thank you.