Problem w/ Tolfdir at College of Winterhold

When I spoke to Tolfdir and he asked me if I knew a ward spell, I thought he said word spell and I said yes thinking he meant a shout. Now him and the other students are just standing there waiting for me to cast a Lesser Ward spell and when I try to talk to him it just says "this person is busy."  Is there anyway I can cancel the action so I can speak to him again? 

No I cant go back to an autosave because I went in and out of the room and it's already saved over a few times and stupidly I didnt make a new save before I spoke to him.  Also, is there anyone in the college or somewhere else that sells a Lesser Ward spell? 


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Reload the game or go to the main story so you can learn the shout, then go back

Just go find a Lesser Ward or something, should be an easy enough thing to fix.

You can probably buy the spell of the mage in the Whiterun castle.

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You can probably buy the spell of the mage in the Whiterun castle.


More then likely the best answer. I'm not sure if anyone sells the Lesser Ward Spell in Whiterun specifically but I did notice a Mage elsewhere (sorry wasn't paying attention as I already have it from the College) that was selling Lesser Ward.

You can buy the spell from Farengar (the mage at Dragonsreach).

Perfect, thanks. I'll go find him.