Problem using dlc on sec. profile

I'm a little bit angry about the using of dlc.

I sniffing around the web but cant found any suitable  information about my problem.

I buy the Astloch premium a few years ago using my account, keep in mind that its signed to my xbox hardware.

My wife played the game and this addon.

Yesterday, she didnt play the game for some monts, she wants to play the game again at the astloch, but cant use the savegames cards are blank. If she tryed to open

the message appear and it  says "no valid savegame its creat with a addon hows not avalible".

I know the my account only can refresh the premium dlc. So i delete and download again. But the error wont go away.

A glance at the downloadable items (i us the profile from  my wife) shows me not the expected tick behind the Astloch premium item?

I see the amount that i have to pay.


Now my question. Do i soemthing wrong or are the stupid DRM part of the fault. Or did Lionhard change the conditions of use?

If i`ve done a mistake what should i do to get the savegames or the account back?

Thanks in advise





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I'm guessing you're in Germany and are referring to Der Riese nach Astloch, which here in America is called Knothole Island.

That content should be available to any user on the original console that the license was assigned to.

If you're missing savegame data as well as the content it sounds like you may have having a hardware issue.

The only problem though is that the licenses can act odd sometimes, you mentioned it's been a while since you played? Go into your account management area on your dashboard on whatever account owns the DLC itself, and look for the "License Transfer" button. Hit that and re-download your DLC and it should be fine.

Otherwise it's what Mountain Dew said.