Problem to connect to FFXIII...

I have a question, I have only recently trying to connect to Xbox andFinal Fantasy XIII ... Come on, I have no idea how I connect ...

Inother games I have no problem but I was very resistant FFXIII ...hope you can help me ... greetings from Spain



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Hmm... That is a Pickle, have you tryed installing the Game to your Hard Drive?

Also, make sure there is plenty of room for any updates the game might have.

The game because I need to install the HDD? If I have the game disk d ... And if I install the game on the HDD ... then I should do?

Thanks a greeting from Spain.

Indeed forgive the spelling errors, it is because I'm very bad English and these texts are passed through a translator ... XD

When its installed, try starting up the game. if that still does'nt work, I'd take it back to the store, and request a new one.

This will be easyer if you have a receipt handy.