Problem playing Kinect games online

I am sure that there is a better forum for this question, but I refuse to spend another minute trying to navigate through these new forums until an easier browsing method is introduced.


Anyways, I have had my xbox since '06 and have had gold the entire time. I have never had any issues with hosting or joining games/chats/etc. Now that I am playing Kinect, I am having some issues with connecting to online games.


It seems that some players have a 100% compatibility with me, and others have a 0%. It doesn't matter if I try joining quick matches or searching for matches using specific criteria. If the player sends me an invite, I either get "Game is no longer available", or "Cannot join game".


I have checked all of my system settings to best of my knowledge. There doesn't seem to be anything prohibiting me from joining the games. I am hoping there is a simple solution, or an opiton that needs to be toggled to fix the problem.


I am generally very good with all technical issues Xbox related, but this one has me stumped.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Does this happen to all online games even when Kinect isn't supported? If so that's very strange.

I recently had an issue connecting to Live entirely (about 3 days ago).  My router firmware was up-to-date, no changes were made on my end.  So for the heck of it I decided to assign my xbox a static IP along with opening up port 3094 (if memory serves me right) and Ive had no problems since.  Might be a long shot but its worth a try.

Also, if you have the ability, you might want to bypass your router all-together for one night of gaming and see if you still run into those problems.  If you do then that is very strange as any connection problems usually stem from something funky in the router.

[quote user="Assassinator010"]

Does this happen to all online games even when Kinect isn't supported? If so that's very strange.


Strange indeed. It seems to be Kinect only. That is why I am wondering if somewhere down the line, there was an option selected to disable Kinect chat online, or something like that. A feature like that might cause online game with mics enabled to be discarded.


I recently played Dead Rising 2 and had no issues playing online co-op or any of the versus modes. But I have had trouble connecting with people in Kinect Adventures, Deca Sports Freedom, and Brunswick bowling with the above mentioned issues.

The forums are not difficult at all to navigate. They work exactly the same as they always have. My little brother could figure out how to do it.


It's just something wrong with you and the person you're connecting to. It's not just a Kinect thing. Unless the game simply has server issues. I can't speak for those Kinect games but have never heard of any server issues.

Its most likely not the kinect, more like the people your trying to join