Problem Joining Multiplayer Games

Okay, so I've had Modern Warfare 2 for a while now, and only just recently it stopped finding games. I was able to find games before this, but now I can't.

I go to domination or team deathmatch or whatever; I've tried every game mode, and all that happens is that it searches for games repeatedly without success. This is really angering me because I cannot join any games. I've tried clearing my cache, and that did not work. I tried other games online like Halo and other Call of Duty games and I CAN find games on those, why can't I find them on MW2? I can join people's games in the recently played list for MW2, and I can also join my friends' games when they play MW2, but I can't find my own games. I know for certain that nothing has been changed with my internet, and I even called my internet provider. 

Can anybody help?


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What is your NAT type? If it says strict then you will have problems searching for games.

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Yea I can find games, even though there isn't crazy numbers of people playing anymore, I can still find demo and domination games too