Problem finding clay

It seems as though I have searched my entire world for clay but have not found a single piece. Is there only clay in certain seeds or is it located in every world? If so any advice on how to find some because I am having a difficult time and would love to start building with bricks! Thanks


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Clay is located most heavily near or in oceans. So if you have already searched all of your shore lines for clay and have found nothing, your best bet is to start an underwater expedition. Although that is quite tedious, it is your only option for now. The rarity of clay will be far less after the bug fix is implemented later this month, but as for now I'm not too sure how existing worlds will have access to clay since all the chunks have already been loaded in most cases. Here's hoping for creative mode soon to get those missing items. My world is lacking a desert biome, so without cactus, I cannot make green dye. I am waiting for the ability to load myself in a cactus.