Problem downloading Battlefield 3 HD Texture Pack.. Please help.

I had a problem downloading BF3 Texture Pack on my xbox slim 4gb. when i try to download it it says: you have to download it on a hard drive... or something like that...

anyway... I searched for a solution but, nothing! please help me... i know i have to have a hard drive but i don't but... there has got to be a way... help, would ya' soldier?



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Get a USB drive with 10+ GB, format it and then plug it into your xbox and let it make a partition so you can save stuff to it.

I don't believe you can do it from a flash drive...pretty sure you have to have a 360 HD

think the only solution is to buy a used but good xbox hdd on ebay.. or whatever.. you dont need the biggest one, but a 60 gig will do the trick. and they aint that expencive too..

well i already have a 16G USB, cleaned it up, deleted everything, and nothing changed!

i also tried to make my main memory unit as my hard drive, formated it, deleted its caches, also nothing...?? help?

I have read several places that you have to have the installed hard drive for it to download.  Apparently the 4gb consoles memory are not hard drives but are flash memory instead.  A Small hard drive..."slim"...can be found online for around $30 from the research I have done.

unfortunately you HAVE to have a hardrive , it wont install onto ANY type of removable media :(

im glad i keep wasting my money on flash drives and 16 gig flash drives ill tell you what i quit buying crap next time my 360 dies ill probably buy a playstation cause i shouldnt have to be a computer genious to download an hd pack onto my xbox but i am consumer smart enough to know when im getting ripped off