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I have been trying to take out the Black Iron Knight at the top of the spiral Staircase. Every time I lock on to him and attempt a backstab, I just flail my rinky dink sword into his Shoulder just to watch him laugh at me.  I line up with his back, lock on, have shield down, and forward RT is this correct? Also whats the correct way to parry? just LT the same time an enemy is stabbing?


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Backstabbing is just getting behind the enemy and hitting RB. Don't press any direction, your character has to standing still. No lock on is required for it, either. For parrying, wait until they swing and make sure you have a shield equipped. Hit LT at the right moment and you can parry their attack, giving you an opening to riposte with RB.

Press RB when you get behind him. That's all there is to it.

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