Pro Tip: Use A "Backpack" To Increase Your Inventory

For those who might now know, the last substantive update brought with it the ability to bring a "backpack" with you to substantially increase the amount of items you can carry along on your adventures.  The "backpack" here is the enderchest.  When you venture into the dark, deep below, bring an enderchest with you along with a pickaxe with the silk touch enchantment.  This will take up two of your inventory slots, but they will give you so much more.  To use your "backpack", place your enderchest on the ground, fill it (or remove items from it) and then break it with your silk touch-enchanted pickaxe and pick it up again.  No matter how full the enderchest is, it will only take up one inventory spot.  Bringing an enderchest with you almost doubles your inventory capacity. 


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good tip but do you have to have a silk touch pickaxe

If you don't have a silk touch pickaxe, you will not be able to recover your "backpack" after you place it.  Instead, when you destroy an enderchest with a normal pickaxe, you will simply get Obsidian (without the Eye of Ender).  You need a pick axe with silk touch in order to obtain the enderchest itself.  If you are only interested in transporting items from one fixed place to another, that is not a big deal (provided you have a second ender chest or have the resources to create one)--you don't lose the items if you destroy the enderchest, they are still there in every enderchest you've made or will make--but without a silk touch pickaxe, you can't access an enderchest on the go.