Pro Kino or five zombies team

Looking for 3 other people that are very skilled at zombies round 30+ and have mics making a team for progression onto harder rounds past 30

Add my gamertag and send me a message


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Have made it to round 34 before the rounds were reset but my new round is 32. Could have gone longer but because of the length of time ppl withdraw from the game which is a pain but I'm capable of getting to the higher rounds, most kills for round 34 was 2112, jus to let you know

If you guys or girls are looking for any  help or tips  at playing at any zombies map just add me as a friend or just send me a invites. I will be more grad to help you or give you tips at play at any zombies map. AND YOU MUST HAVE MICS IT HELPS A LOT PLAYING ZOMBIES.......THANK YOU......