Pro Guitar Lesson help.

Has anyone played the Overdrive lesson in Pro Guitar mode.  It's the last of the second set of "basic" lessons.  Its only goal is to "deploy Overdrive."  Only, I've deployed the @#$@# out of Overdrive, and the lesson isn't giving me credit for it.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Is there a detail I'm missing?


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First off, way to deploy the *** out of Overdrive. Not all of us are capable of doing that.

Second, you have to hit the overdrive perfectly, and in the very following sequence, activate. It gets all screwy if you miss and stuff. So just keep restarting from scratch until you hit all of it and activate right.

So, I have to build up the bar to full without making any mistakes, then activate?  I thought I was doing that . . . but I'll try again.  This is a screwy less, for sure.  Thanks for the help.

This has to be a bug.  I build up my overdrive meter, tilt the guitar, Overdrive deploys, rocking out happens, but the lesson doesn't give me the green light saying I completed it.