Private Match:Joinable or NON joinable?!?!?!

OK this question may be a bit hard to explain and confusing to you as well,  but i will try to explain this the best I can!


When I set up a PRIVATE match in , say WARZONE for example. and se it to Joinable Friends only,    everyone and anyone seems to join... even if they are friends of friends of friends .   It shows up  on my Profile as "Private Match in Warzone"   on my profile on  website and in my  gamertag when viewing it on the xbox console  I assume that means anyone can join it and the bots will be replaced as they come and go..   And reverse  when i set it to  "Private -  INVITE ONLY"  ,  no one can join  and it shows up up my profile on the website or the Gamertag  on XBOX as "Private - Invite Only in Warzone" as well..


Now when i see my freinds game as"Private Match in.." I can NOT seem join thiers. And  it does NOT say Invite ONLY  just private match, so i thought that was able to join since they can join MY "private match"... Is there some other way they are keeping people out of thier game?  How come they can join My provate match and i can NOT joing thiers even though it says the same thing  on our profiles?

At first i thoughbt it was cause the users have FULL  games  with NO room for anymore players.. but in WARZONE thats 10 players!   And in the cases i am talking about they DO NOT have 10 players  , just themselfs and bots!.

I know this sounds confusing in a sorta way.  But i am trying the best i can to explain it.  I am just trying to understand why this is happening.







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I'm not sure its on your side as much as its the servers side of it.  My son has his own xbox and we couldn't join each other at all.  We couldn't even join an xbox live party with each other.  However I could join my friend and hes from Scotland.  Weird.  But to answer your question, you should be able to.

Thats what  i thought too.. but it doesnt even show the "JOIN" button option!..   thats what I should have mentioned!.. .. if ot doesnt show the button to join them.. how can they join my game  wiht the same settings?!

Machete... Your problem sounds like it is a Local LAN issue with your xboxes..  check your IP addys on both your xboxes make sure they are different.. and  if your using a router  check the settins on that too!..

My issue sems to be in the GAME settings  itself  where it wont  show the JOIN button.. so it isnt the servers issue!

Yeah, it probably is my router or something, because yesterday my NAT said moderate and it always says open.  This just started yesterday.  I haven't checked today yet.  That whole join button thing should show up.  If it doesn't, it might be on their side.  They might be having issues like me.

I know i had the same problems with my router when i first got it and hooked it to my xbox.. i could never get an OPEN NAT.   one thing i can NOT do is set my xbox to manual network settings... it seems to only work with AUTO settings.. i have 6 devices  machines hooked to the internet and ALL BUT the xbox i have assigned thier own IP address manually...  All work fine.... So i put the xbox on AUTO  and it always assignes it  the SAME EXACT  IP address everytime i turn it on...since the other units have thier own set IP address.   so i take that IP address that  the xbox gets assigned  to automatically and i   set the DMZ enabled  in the router   for that particular  address and  now my NAT has always been OPEN  and never had any problems since!!

It's the NAT type.  If you aren't on OPEN, you will have issues.  I had a strict NAT and could only chat with dudes from Europe lol.  If you call your internet provider and get the right person they will help you set your NAT to OPEN.  I got a dude from Comcast that was a gamer and he changed mine from Strict to OPEN in just a few easy steps.

Unfortunately you might get someone who "can't help you" and will refer you to your router manufacture.   Just keep trying until you get a 23 year old gamer on the phone, lol.  Good Luck Fellas!

Strict NAT means   specific ports  that are needed for gameing are NOT OPEN. .. thats why you just  set the DMZ ENABLED on the  ROUTER for that particualr  address of your XBOX and that , right there itself, , makes sure all needed ports are open!.   You cant get any more simple :O)  and you dont have to pay  for service call! hehe!  But serioulsy .. i bet thats exactly what the comcast guy did for you!..    

Yup, all I did was unplug my router and modem and plug em back in and the NAT changed back to open.

ok sound slike your router  needed just a reset... sometimes mine does that too when i loose internet connection!..  Sometimes i have to  reset modem too!..   but glad yor ok!..... now as far as my problem...  Some games says i canjoin some says i cant.. oh well!..   Gears 3 already lost its excitement.  Horde seems to be getting boring and monotious... it could be just the poepel i play with but still it seems repetitive.  !.. and beast. mode was kewl at first,   But it is just a novelty,  that eventually lost its flair  too!...  oh well!..  yawn yawn! hehe!