Private Matches, Gooser Challenge Tweak, etc Update Today


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And millions of level 50 G5ers rejoiced.

I actually got asked to boost from someone on the other team yesterday. Glad they are finally putting in this update before even more people get stuck here. As it is, half of the players will be using the same weapons now, as we will be working G6-10 at a similar interval.

As I haven't gotten too far into the game, care to elaborate on your comment? What's Gen 5's issue that this is a big deal? What are people stuck on, and I'm generally unsure of what your last sentence means.

In order to move to the next generation, you need to complete specific challenges. The original challenge for Gen 5 is to get 50 gooders, which is killing and ejecting pilot. There are a lot of people working on this challenge, and can't move to Generation 6 until it's done. However, it takes a specific set of circumstance to even have a chance to complete it, as most pilots use cloak, and those who don't generally auto-titan.

Playing in Last Titan Standing is your best bet, but there aren't too many maps where there is enough open space to consistently get a chance at a gooser. This has cause many players to be stuck at G5 Lvl 50, fighting for goosers, which is lowering the overall quality of the match.

Now that it's being changed (to 5), all these people stuck will undoubtedly go G6, and from what I gather, there aren't any challenges that will halt progress the way Goosers did, leading to all these players grinding at a similar pace through the remaining levels. The down side of this is that many teams will have players using the same weapons, going for the same challenges which often dictates the style you need to play.

For example, if I see a G4, I make sure to stay moving and away from open areas in my titan, as I know he will be charge rifle hunting. G6 supposedly has a rodeo challenge, so I will use a titan set with smoke to prevent the Rodeors. It doesn't seem so bad, but if you have a team of 3 or 4 G6ers, you can create a titan/pilot set that will greatly reduce their chance if you are aware of their challenges.

Hopefully that explains it in way more detail than you wanted. I tend to get a bit wordy.

Wow that's all coming out today. I only just started playing ESO on PC because I was one of those level 50 gen 5's. Now I got to play two games at once. The guys at Respawn have been busier then I thought.

Here's a list of all the changes

No private matches for me. They made sure not to encourage boosting. I don't like boosting anyway.

I didn't know what boosting was until like 2 days ago when someone told me they did it for that achievement of killing all the pilots before they escape.