Priority: The Citadel [Possible Spoilers]


I have a question... I have recovered the book of plenix from Irune for somebody in the Presidium commons. And I went to take it to them on the citadel, but I got the cut scene where cerberus has attacked the citadel. So does that mean things have changed now? as the citadel is under attack and Ive missed the opportunity to hand the book back and gain the EXP/Credits etc? or once the mission is over will I still be able to finish the quest? I also have the heating unit stabilizers to hand over in the C-SEC office.

So basically I justed wanted to know can I finish side quests on the citadel after the mission Priority: The Citadel

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You will still be able to turn in both quests regardless of the Cerberus attack on the Citadel.

Turn in the Book of Plenix to the Volus standing to the left of the bank podium, and turn in the Heating Unit Stabilizers to Sellea who will be in front of the C-Sec Outpost in the Commons.

I believe the only quests that can be failed and must be completed before Priority: Tuchanka for example are listed here.

I don't believe the Cerberus attack on the Citadel has to do with it, whether or not a mission can be failed, more or less the quests must be dealt with before commencing Tuchanka if I understand it right and remember from my playthrough.