Price of game doubles when I click on "Buy now" button!!!!

I went to download Burnout: revenge the other day from my x-box and noticed that after buying burnout 3 a week or two before, the game went from £15.99 to £29.99 when I tried to buy it! i checked on my laptop and noticed it was back to £15.99 on that. When I investigated further and clicked on the "buy now" button from my pc, that's when the price jumped from £15.99 on the buy now page to £29.99 on the confirm payment page. This is seriously dodgy!!!! nevermind that this game is old enough to have been out on the original x-box/PS2 and the orginal price of £15.99 is probably too expensive, but to have it instantaneously double in price like that is outrageous. If someone wasn't paying attention this would be a massive overspend.  

While i'm on the subject, I also think it's dodgy that the game pricing (in the games i've seen anyway) is the same between regions, as in if you're on the US site and a game is $20, the price on the UK site is simply £20. Pick a value for the game, not just an arbitrary number. That's a big price difference for the same game. 


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