Price Drop ?

Will we see a price drop soon on the 360 ? I dont want to spend 299.99$ for a 250 gig slim , after i bought 5 older models that all RROD or E74 Errors .


                                                                                                                Can you feel my pain ?


I am playing on a  (old rrod refubished and noisy as heck ) arcade model with my old pro 20 gig harddrive that is full . X.x Dang you micromoney for making spend so much to just have one working console .


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It seems like I paid $400 for my 250Gb console 18 months ago.  You could always hint to the people around you, to get you one for the December holidays.   

it won't lower until the release a new version of the xbox so 2014 proabably

I have burned through 3 myself and I am so poor I will probably never be able to get a 4th........Good thing I renewed that year...................... I honestly feel cheated, MS should just give me another one on the house after 3 breaking in 5 years. Always right after the warranty expires too.

dont think so until new release.

The way they are selling At the current price point I would say not anytime soon.