Previous ME decisions... stored on HD or GT?

I know some games save your data to your GT instead of your HD.  I remembered awhile back in an article for ME2 saying it would scan your GT for your previous decisions... was the data and things you decided saved in your GT or in your HD?  I lost my save data for the ME games so I'm wondering if i'd still be importing or if I'd be basically filling in the blanks instead.


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It will be from the hd. when other games scan the gamercard they look for your achievements you have earned to carry over decisions. ME1 had a system like that where once you unlocked the weapon or biotic achievement you unlocked the specific talent for the additional spot at the beginning. ie, if you unlocked the singularity achievement, when you make a new character you can add singularity as your bonus talent. click the link.

If you completed a full Mass Effect 1 playthrough there would be a "ghost save" made that is different from the manual/auto saves. That is what makes your playthroughs importable into Mass Effect 2 and is stored on your hard drive, you just do not see it, hence the name of ghost save.

good to know, ive changed my gamertag a couple of times since i completed mass effect 2.

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