Pretty awesome game!

I just wanted to put my thoughts of the game up for those still thinking of buying it or not. I absolutely love the campaign! Its kinda like Gears of War, but a bit more realistic. I also like guerilla mode as well. Lots of fun with friends. As for MP. I played one match and didn't really care for it, but then again, online MP isn't really my thing except for co-op stuff. Good job UbiSoft!


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I'm in the same boat as you. I love the campaign and guerillia maode, but haven't touched the mutliplayer yet, and if itsgood, thats just a plus. Its well worth it for co op.

You know the villagers are going to chase you with pitchforks into a corner for this!  Anyway, co-op and Guerrilla mode is quite the treat with friends.  Also if you guys eventually get into some MP hit me up, playing with a team who communicates is vital to win, and kills do not matter here!

I agree. The campaign is awsome! I havn't tried guerrilla mode yet but multiplayer is a lot of fun. I don't understand why a bunch of people dislike it. I love it.

I haven't tried any multiplayer yet but so far I think the campaign is a big breath of fresh air. I've been looking for something different than what has been regurgitated over the last few years by various companies and this is definitely it! LOVING IT!

these haters are probably aged between 12 and 20 brought up with cod games and dont understand the meaning of team play and working together.

Can you imagine a cod player firing randomly to draw the attention of another player so your mate can flank them for easy tactic take downs.

Right on Rumpy!  I try to tell the younger generations, when it comes to shooter games that it is ok to take your time and think about what to do next instead of just acting like a ADHD statistic and bragging about your K/D ratio.  But the beauty of games like this is eventually it will weed out all badapples and let the rest of us play the game as intended.

Im liking the game myself!!! Hands Down!! GR all the way, hit em quick and stealth.

I was in a game with some friends yesterday, and it went exactly like that.  The opposite team was a bunch of randoms who obviously approached it with the COD mentality, running toward the first sound of gunfire they could hear.  Our team was mostly friends of mine, and while a bunch of us dug in and drew their fire, one of our guys ran around for the objectives.  Total blowout.  So naturally, this crowd is probably harping on about how much the game sucks.