Prestige Token Glitch

One of my friends went on my xbox live account on mw3 and began to do this "prestige token glitch." I'm pretty sure that I cannot undo it, and now people's xbox live accounts are starting to get reset. I want my xbox live account to either stay as it is, or to be reset immediately. My gamer tag is: benp20489                                                    if some one knows who to contact for this then please help!


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LMFAO another dirty little hacker is getting caught out an running to the forum's with the lame excuse "my friend" lmao.

I know, right?

I hope they BAN your console you little turd

If you knew your friend was doing the token glitch why would u let him do it in the 1st place knowing you are eventually gonna get caught and banned.?

you said if i know, he did it without my permission. and for people that did this glitch, like some of my friends did it, the consequence is ban for 48 hours and reset on mw3. My point was I wasn't reset yet, and I want activision to reset me, because I never wanted this glitch on my account in the beginning

hmmm...  how do we know this is the real you and not one of your friends posting on your account to get his "friend" reset.    hmmm???     lol   just messin w/ya.    

i just don't know what to do about it. i just want my account back to normal

I salute you for turning yourself over. Well done. I'm afraid this is the wrong forum to post this though. I would link you to the appropriate forum, but I can't do that on my phone.

   I dont know if its true or not, but I've heard that they go easier on those who confess to them before they get caught.

thanks for that, but where can i post this story for them to see it. btw i talking about it to an associate and they said they'll reset everyone who interfered with the code of conduct. I'm just pissed about what happened.