Prestige to 10?

Am I missing something or is there no really good reason to prestige past level 9?


As far as I can tell you get nothing for Prestige 10... except for some lame emblems I will never use, and beyond that it's just other useless crap such as facepaints, colored clan tags, and gold guns. I mean, really, gold guns? You go through all that and all you get is useless gold gun camoflage? And just where the hell are you fighting a war where gold is "camoflage"? El Dorado?


Seriously, is there any material reason to prestige any further once you have all your custom classes?


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I stopped at nine because of this.

I can't care about the stuff you get afterwards.

hmm apart from an extra spot in classes, what do u get b4 10?

is there anybody that actually prestiges for the fun of it? i mean really people...

I prestige for the fun of it. Seriously. I'm not doing it for extra classes or perks, or anything. I do it cause I like watching paint dry.

I do it because I like owning people when I'm a level 3 lol. Besides that I've never completed all prestiges in a call of duty game and I actually want to go to 14 or 15 and I'm 10 now so might as well finish. Don't really care about gold camo much either but I like trying different guns threw each prestige to make it more fun "I how ever will not do an entire prestige by just sniping since I suck at it.

i prestige for that challenge of the first 10 levels the base setups suck sooo bad

I also like to win at a low level. Seeing my level 3 sitting on top of the leaderboard above a bunch of level 50s makes me feel awesome. Plus there's the additional challenge of trying to win with sub-par class setups. It's a real test of skill being able to play well with guns you're not used to.

Really, though, I prestige because I get bored if I don't. Back when I played Call of Duty 4 I didn't understand the point of prestige at all, until I hit level 55. Once I was at max level any experience I gained, any challenges I finished, felt wasted. I just wasn't motivated to accomplish anything in the game unless it was contributing to the next level up.

Essentially, I can't have fun playing Call of Duty unless there's a carrot dangling in front of me.

Gold guns, a few more face camos, and colored clan tags. If those things arent for you, then dont do it, no biggy really.

prestige makes me all wet inside.

Im going to 14 because I like that emblem the most.

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