Prestige Shop, Unlock Gear. Use more than once?

I have a few questions.

1)When you prestige, and use unlock gear, that item, a weapon for example, will stay unlocked for ALL future prestiges, or would you have to do it again for the next prestige.

2) If the answer to #1 is yes, and it STAYS unlocked from now on, then when you prestige again, are you able to unlock a second item? Or do you only get to use unlock gear once throughout all prestiges?

3) Are you able to unlock a perk, and if so, does it start at PRO?



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Well, I read that it stays unlocked no matter how many times you prestige, so I got that part. And I read it can unlock a perk. I am assuming it will be PRO? I am still not sure if you can unlock an item each time you prestige or not.

It says you can carry it through future prestiges, so I take it to mean you keep the unlock when you prestige again.


I can confirm if you unlock a perk it isn't the pro version, and I assume even though you get to keep the perk, the pro version would reset when you prestige.

Thx. I guess the only thing left to find out, is if you get to unlock a new item each prestige or if you only get to do it once, to one item.

you can unlock 1 thing every time you prestige ( weapon class is part of the prestige shop)

Yeah you can unlock as many items as you want as long as you have a prestige token for each item.

I had 4 so i unlocked 2 guns, 1 perk and some equipment. These will be available from as so as you can create a class in all of your future prestiges.

So we keep it forever? If so, awesome! :)