Prestige Related Question (Back to the Future)

Hi all,

Planned on posting this on the MW3 forums, but couldn't make posts there for some reason, so figured I'd ask all you guys since many of you are probably experts with CoD.

Regarding the prestige system in MW3, I got 2 prestige tokens off the bat for prestiging at least once in MW2, and for doing so at least once in Black Ops, cool.
NOW, after realizing these were some nifty ways to get a token, I popped CoD4 back in the tray and actually played a handful of rounds, and in an hour or so, I finally finished up from rank 53, to 55, and finally prestiged in that game, and played one extra round to be safe.

I then loaded up MW3, and saw that I did not get a new prestige token, but at the same time, my rank icon for CoD4 did not update from what it was before so maybe it simply hasn't updated yet, so my question is:

Can you "go back" to the old games and earn prestige tokens by presaging in the earlier games AFTER you have started playing MW3? Or are these awarded only the first time you play MW3. 



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Yes you can but It takes a while for it to update.

You can go back to previous games and prestige if you haven't done so already.

And I have the same situation as you, I went back to CoD4 to prestige but it hasn't updated yet on MW3. I recall either Robert Bowling or Dan Amrich (@OneOfSwords) saying on twitter some prestige tokens are taking longer to register & you have to wait a few hours to update.

Awesome thank you guys very much! This is very happy to know I have another token coming my way, even if it takes a bit (24 hours now and still nothing but I really don't mind even if it takes a few days or a week even). At least I know it will award it, as my CoD4 rank icon still hasn't updated.

Now to decide if I should get Custom Class 8 or Unlock gear!!!