Prestige Question.....

OK, here's a noob question.


I prestiged. I kept Ghost as my permanent unlock. It still says "prestige reward", and offers me either Stat Reset, Token Refund, or Extra Custom Class. Can I take my extra custom class without losing my ghost? I haven't taken it yet, I'm concerned that it'll somehow take away my permaghost.


Thanks in advance....


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Yes you can pick a extra CaC and keep Ghost, you'll get to have one every prestige as well as another perma-unlock.

You get a prestige token as well as your prestige award, they are two separate items. So yes, you can keep both.

Another quick questions. I have already used my perma-unlock. If I use the token refund, will it reset the perma-unlock as well so I can choose a different one? I would like to change it you see.

That's not a token refund, that's a unlock token refund... If you are lvl 55 and choose to use it, you will get your unlock tokens back to use on another set of guns or attachments..