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Whilst playing blops today 07/02 a message flashed up on screen regarding a update for this game, i was then kicked off the server as i was about to prestige, im now stuck at level 55 and am not earning any further xp, anyone else had this or knows how to fix please


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Bookmark it so we can return to this next year and laugh.

^^Yeah, its served its purpose.

This thread.

^^Yeah, posts come across differently after they are read 5 or 6 times, but nobody reads them that many times. People read and react. A noob is just somebody "new", same as a rookie, no biggy really.

There's a difference between being a noob & being ignorant. The OP in this case is most likely the latter, & I applaud him for having the courage to ask (there's no such thing as a stupid question). I can attest to this because I myself have played CoD games since the very 1st title & despite that fact, it even took me a while to figure out how to prestige properly in this game... Uneasy, you may not have been berating the OP per se, but you certainly were lacking in tact.

^^I didnt say he shouldnt have posted. I didnt "berate" him in any way. I simply stated he was a noob for not knowing how to prestige in CoD. I find that funny. I welcome all and any post really, even yours. BTW, I thank people whom help me too AND welcome to the forums...............noob.

[quote user="UneasyJmitchell"]

............................./facepalm, noobs.



Serious? He had the guts to post a question and it makes him a noob? I suppose you never asked a question that was silly (or noobish as you call it). If we keep beating up people who post an honest question then we become the noobs not the person who posted. Again - he had the guts to post a legit question and he also had the consideration to thank the person who gave him the information.


Sorry to berate you- please think before you judge someone to be a noob as we are all noobs at one time and I can honestly admit I continue to do noobish things to date :)

............................./facepalm, noobs.

Thank you

Yeah,Easy,Just go into the presidents lounge(Barracks) and scroll down to the option the says Prestige,Then press A on the next Prestige logo,Then press A on "Learn more" then select which Prestige reward you would like then press A that you're sure that is what you want then you're good.