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Hey guys, long time no see. I hope you all are enjoying MW3, but i have a pretty important question that i hope you can answer...

At the beginning of my multiplayer experience, i had a total of 4 prestige points.  My first purchase was a 2hr run of double xp (i was way behind other players) and after the first 2hrs i decided to purchase another 2hr run. I get into the game and notice that my points are not doubled as i killed/captured objectives, so i thought the game was just glitching or i didnt press the accept button.  After the game, i noticed it used the point, but did not give me a gauge of how much time i have left.  I hope the game did not eat my point, but i was also wondering if you can regain prestige points. Any help would be appreciated :)



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Not sure how the game works but I know every  time you prestige you will recieve another token.

any chance infinity ward actually fixed the lag problems, the cheating problems, the spawn problems. have a hard time buying this since the last modern warfare was just as bad as black opps.

There is a problem with buying double xp as far as I'm concerned, I had a similar problem to you and it messed me about, appeal to activision or IW on their forums or find somebody to help you.