Prestige Masters' Advice

If you're like me you're going to get in, and tare everyone in your path a new one, because you don't have any time to spare with how long it takes to get  Master Prestige. 

On that note I've arranged a path for myself: 

first thing I'm going in to is domination, and I'm achieving its master challenge asap. Domination is also the perfect game mode for discovering the hot routes players use to flank. 

Second I'm not sticking to any gun until after I complete the weapons' mastery challenge. I wasted way to much time using guns I liked, instead of moving on to other guns, and I would have had weapon's mastery way more faster. Same goes for other stuff.

third as for game mode challenges, I had no idea how much fun hardcore is. I missed out in game mode challenges to almost boost my stats by just playing what I was used to. Changing game modes only had a positive effect on my stats in the long run. 

I can't wait to get started this tuesday. 

Feel free to worship my post with affection, and to add anything else you'll be making sure to change to help you prestige. 


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What comes with experience.

Just so you know, challenges don't award xp. They award squad points which are what you use to unlock new soldiers, weapons, attachments, perks, etc. So leveling up in this game takes a while.

implying prestiging makes you a master.

@new, so you're saying XP, is only awarded by killing, and objectives?

@COd sir, I have no hidden agenda 

Pretty much. You earn XP from killing, getting medals (revenge, sticking someone, avenger, etc.), doing objective things and after match bonus xp. That's why people are saying it takes forever to level up.