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So now we have Altmer and Breton.

Kinda disappointed by the Bretons, but oh well. That's what the character creator is for. Just wish they looked more elvish.


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I'm loving the High Elves

I'm seeing two trends here, one I like and one I don't like.

The one I like is that the races look very different now, it's not just recoloring of the same model. The elvish races look a lot more like in Morrowind, where they looked inhuman, and the animal races look more like animals.

The one I don't like, and I'm hoping character creation will solve the problem, is this big new emphasis on gritty, dirty realism. Don't get me wrong, people can be dirty in real life, but most of the character models there look like they haven't bathed in days or weeks. I understand that Bethesda wants to show off some of the new facial features like the tattoos and the blind eye and scars and what-not, but I fail to see a single character on there that appeals to generally accepted standards of attractiveness. They're all sort of ugly... I'm just hoping that with character creation we'll be able to make a more attractive, CLEAN person, rather than just the dirt-blasted, battle scarred people there.

I actually like these. A lot. Oblivion had a very civilized population. Skyrim.... less so. But I will make my first character awesome. With a tattoo. And if dirt strikes my fancy, then he will have dirt. I like how Argonians look. I wonder how the walking/running animations will be different for beast races. Also, love the individual eye coloring. And being able to add scars.  I see myself having a lot of fun in the Character Creator.  

Argonians look L3GiiT.

I also really like the the Orcs look so much less Cartoony now. They were so ridiculous looking in Oblivion. Now they look more intimidating. I wonder how the body sizes look like. How small is a Wood Elf this time around...

I remember when I first saw this, I was so upset at how the elves look :( They ugly. Dark elves were my favorites and I hope that I can make one look more human and more blue or I might play as a human race. Orcs, lizards, and kitty cats are greatly improved though.

That may be, but it would be nice to see some defaults where the guys looked as if they shower more than once a year.

Yeah, that would be nice. That, and the fact that all the women have atrocious lipstick.

"Looks like a refugee camp for dirty men..."


But seriously, I hope Bethesda considered the power of moderation and subtlety while making this game.

I want to see the sliders for the Create a Character. I'm sure that there is a dirt slider. Or maybe you are just dirty in the beginning of the game...