Premium Theme?

I'd love to see a premium theme for this game at some point. After 3 years my ME1 Citadel theme is a little worn out :P What would you like to see in a premium theme for this game? Hopefully some reapers being blown up.


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the themes will be avalible same day as the game

I'm sure there will be.  But to be honest, there's so much advertisement boxes on every single heading tab, plus that gray "blob" that takes up more than half of the bottom of the screen on the dashboard, that it's almost a waste of money getting a premium theme for it.  I despise the Xbox dashboard, as it's very cluttered and littered with ads.  I miss the "blades" look from the original dashboard because you can see the entire theme or wallpaper you have while navigating the menus.

Im hoping for some new ME3 gamerpics too.

I just use a picture from my computer as my background.

i've got a free(ish) halo reach theme and that's all i need. if there's a special me3 theme that's, i'll pick it up in a second, but i won't buy any themes or avatar clothes or anything.

if i were going to buy something, it would probably be those awesome lfg gamerpics.

Just look online for a 1920x1080 image (or make one yourself) and then go into the xbox, view the picture, set as background.  Sure it's not dynamic nor will it give little background items to your friends (is that even on the new dashboard?) but it's great for customizing without spending MS points.

It's hard to set your own picture with 40% of your screen taken up by that greyish fog. I wish the pictures looked the way they do on the Bing screen.