[PREMIUM] Free deals and losing bonus deals.

I have recently installed Windows 8.1 (fresh format and install) and have upgraded all of my drivers to their latest versions. Windows 8.1 is fully up-to-date.  I installed the Microsoft Solitaire Collection and started playing TriPeaks after upgrading to the Premium membership.  Here are a few issues I have been having:

  • At the start of a fresh game you are given the option for an extra deal or a wild card. I always select the extra deal.  After completing the first deal with no cards left on the board my deal count goes from 3 to 2. Even though I completed the board, I still lost the bonus deal!
  • If I fail to complete a board at some point bringing my count from say... 2 to 1.. if I do complete a board, I do not receive my bonus deal like the game says I am supposed to receive. So by completing a board I should go from 1 back up to 2. However that is not happening at all.

I swear this is the buggiest game I have ever played as I have had this issue previously in the past on a completely different machine. The developers don't seem to know what they are doing considering they aren't addressing even the smallest of issues. This is very frustrating and I am disappointed with the approach from the developers and Microsoft as a whole.


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Hey KidD34th,

We were able to reproduce this issue and both the dev team and the test team are working on a fix.  Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


Thanks for the timely response. I don't like coming across as a jerk (I apologize if I did), I was just really irritated with the issue. I'm sure you understand how irritating it can be if things aren't working as they're supposed to. I thank you for forwarding this on to the developers and that they are now working on a resolution for this problem..

I did find a "cheat" of sorts in the game. It's more or less a bug that I stumbled upon. It allows you to get a total of -4- deals at the start of the game. The way to replicate this is to start a new game, get the bonus card from being a premium member, quickly press F2 followed by F1. The game deals the hand behind the help menu. Eventually what ends up happening as you re-deal a new hand, you end up getting a total of 4 deals instead of 3.