Premier League UT help?

I'm trying to build a team and im asking which team would be better:

1.                           Hart

   Richards       Vidic       Vermaelen       Evra


    Walcott                                          Nani


     Suarez                                     Aguero


2.                    Cech

   Sagna        Luiz        Terry     Cole


    Walcott                                       Bale


    Aguero                         Rooney


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Well if you can afford all those players I don't think it really matter tbh you still need to be a good player I've got a full English team apart from Rooney and I'm pretty good so I do well I'd say cech, Richards, luiz, Terry and Cole you've got good chem start and quick full backs I'd say bale instead of nani he's got pace power and a great cross aguero and Rooney (if you can afford) him would be better hope this helps and good luck.

The 2nd one, but I'd take out Terry for Kompany, and swap Walcott for someone like Valencia who has a bit of strength aswell as pace.

Also depends on your actual ability at the game I have been battered by teams that have had a mix of bronze, silver and gold while I had a full gold team will 100% chemistry.

That is more to do with the invisible handicap that EA give to lower rated teams mole.

Wasnt aware of that, lol I was furious at the time.