predator and lost expaditions pack

ok i know the lost expaditions is an extra mission to play thru and i see it on my map, but this predator pack has me a little stumped wat does it do? does it just add a few more predators into the world or wat?

 also this uplay i redeemed the revolving gift which was a hand cannon and wen i went to the shop i still had to purchase it and was rather expensive is this right or was i robbed? thanks guys


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also i noticed on uplay that there is an extra mission to unlock for 40 pts any one played it? or more to the point is it worth redeeming?

Weapons are like the DLC cars on forza. You still need in-game credits to buy. If it kills anything with one shot, maybe there's a reason it costs a fortune.

Extra mission for 40 MS points?  Good way for me to get rid of my last 40 MS points.  lol

i wouldnt say its a 1 shot like majority of the time it takes a few and thats from close range, also msp i thought it was these uplay points we earn?

Oh I don't know.  Don't have the game yet.  Thought they ment ms points.

Yeah that mission is bought with Uplay points.  I'm like you were I have some odd points left over and can't ever figure out how to spend them, seems I will forever have them!

and sorry guys my bad it most definetely is a 1 shot kill and worth every penny lol

The mission is 40 UPlay points, not MS points. Get it from Uplay.

The Lost Expeditions Pack DLC is 2 missions + a One-Handed Shotgun for use in Multiplayer. It was part of the pre-order bonus at Best Buy.

Just like how Gamestop got the Monkey Business Pack DLC which included 4 missions + a new way to humiliate your opponent in multiplayer. for

Amazon had like a Tattoo pack DLC for pre-ordering that gave you new tattoos for single player.