Pre ordered day 1, got a black box and an achievement. New adopters get Titanfall ?

Europe got fifa at launch, North American got nada. Figured it was a pricing differential balance attempt. But the free Titanfall deal to late adopters is a slap in the face. In Canada we don't even have One Guide support for TV yet. If I had waited 4 months, I would be getting the reason I purchased Xbox One for free. Can I trade my achievement or black cardboard box in for the digi copy? I cannot see anyone not feeling the same. Feel like Nov 22ers got a raw deal.


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every consol has bundles not long after release! nobody made you get it day one! guess you should have waited!

I for one will not be getting a day one version of the next console. I've had endless problems using xbox video (seems to work fine on my 360) and now to find out that yet another group of people get something I don't is just frustrating. I know they are trying to boost sales but this is just disappointing. I didn't buy the One on day one hoping to get a bunch of free stuff but because I'm a huge fan and appreciate the hard work the xbox team does in providing quality entertainment. That being said, I wish the Xbox team felt the same way about me and showed a little gratitude for my loyalty instead of soooo quickly rewarding those who just want a good deal. Makes me feel like that lifelong friend who gets pushed to the side because they want to hang out with the new kid.

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1) Life Cycle: Most other consumer goods are on a 12 month or less product cycle so price cuts 5 months after launch are expected, with console life cycles pegged at at least 5 years this is very unusual this soon.

2) Expectations: Standard practice in the console industry is to wait at least one annual cycle before a price cut in scenarios where it happens sooner compensation is usually provided. Nintendo did it with the N64 (games + controller) and the 3DS (games), MS did it with the OG Xbox (games + controller). Not doing it now is burning your most loyal fans.

[quote user="irishpunk79"]to find out that yet another group of people get something I don't is just frustrating.[/quote]

Great definition of "entitlement".

You've been using the console for the last 3 months. You got what you paid for.

People who haven't had the console since November 22nd now have some extra incentive to purchase. That is good for all of us in the Xbox Live community.

MS, or Sony or any company, doesn't give deals at the beginning because they know the most anxious people will buy the product regardless.  A few months later companies will often offer some kind of deal to entice the the rest of the consumers.  This is nothing new and complaints about it scream, "I am quite young and naive and know very little about marketing and sales."

Pretentious much ?

Big deal for the people buying there X1s now, it old news, I have had mine for over 3 months. Worth a whole lot more than $60 IMO.