Pre-order MW3

Hi, as a Gamestop employee I have to tell you all that we are sorry for the pre-order spill that we have to push on all of you. It's our job that requires it, see we have performance goals that we have to meet. If we dont we get fired, plain and simple. Since it's all base on percentage that means we have to meet what the company considers average sales. When the they set the goals at 20% for pre-orders 15% for Gamestop cards, thats a lot of pre-orders we have to get so we have to try real hard when we have a lot of transactions bringing our percentage down. As for gamestop employees being liars, well most of the time its our company that makes us tell you something and then they dont deliver because of some buget cut or they just didnt make enough of whatever they where trying to give away as a incentive ( that includes DLC stuff to, sometimes they just dont buy enough codes to redeem). If you dont belive us about the MW3 pre-order giving away more stuff the sooner you order, all you have to do is go in to your local gamestop and watch the tv playing commercial and you will see the mw3 commercial. So the next time you go in give us a break and tell us nicely that you know its our job but your not interested in pre-ordering. Trust me if we could just talk about cool games and the hottes things and not push stuff we would, but we like our jobs so we have to do what they say. 


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It's okay loI still love going to Gamestop.

I can tell that the conversations are canned and scripted.

What did you expect from a corporation like Gamestop?