Pre-Order Digital Download?

Will I be able to pre-order from the MS store and download the game on release day or will I have to buy a disc from a retailer such as Gamestop? Also, if I can digitally download on pre-order, can I get the Imperial Edition? As of yet, I do not see it in the Microsoft Store on my Xbox One. I really do not want to buy a disc, I could care less about the Molag Bal doll. the case, maps etc. just want the game and extras for pre-order and Imperial race.

In the future, if I do have to buy a game on disc, shouldn't I be able to then download it for free?


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You can pre-order the regular edition of the game from the Microsoft store for $59.99 and get a $10 Xbox gift card. You cannot get the Imerial Edition. Hopefully things will change. If anyone has other news, please post here.

Or you can stop answering your own questions

and then wait till may to get it off the market place like everyone else

Does anyone know when this will be available in the Xbox Store for digital download? Here it is May 19th and nothing. PS4 has had it available since April.

More than likely you'll see it on June 1, 2015 and that is based on the email I have from Zenimax about the PC to console offer for select folks.

I hope sooner but they just commented today that...not yet and more to come.

Be sure to watch their Twitch alive shows or watch the recorded ones afterwards.

There is one tomorrow around 4pm EST

I can 2nd Blacksmurfs comment, i've been told i'm getting my download code for the game sometime after 3pm BST 1st June once they've moved my character over etc.

You can preorder both versions as of yesterday.  I got the standard edition, but preorder regardless of edition allows you to be any race in any faction.

Good to see its up now

doing some research as to whether or not to buy this game or not but the pre-order for the imperial version is 80 through microsoft, but its 100 everywhere else. am I misreading something?

@Proper the difference in price is because the digital does not have all the goodies (stickers, steel case, etc that the physical edition comes with)

@Proper you wont be missing out on anything, unless you like all those little goodies like Mr Durva is talking about...    just look at it as you saving 20 if you get the imperial edition....