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So I just saw today all the pre order cars you can get if you order from certain places. My question is, is will they eventually release these cars as dlc? Or will it be one of those things where you basically unlock it early so you dont have to wait to pay for it or unlock it (like Hot Pursuit)? I plan on only pre ordering one game this fall (that will be TES Skyrim), since Im saving up for a new Guitar, going on vacation soon, etc. Im a big Subaru nut, so I will be dissapointed if there wont be a way to drive the 2011 STI other than pre ordering it from Amazon.


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At least you get a reasonably cool/competitive car in the form of the STI if you do the Amazon preorder.  Gamestop nets you an Alfa Romeo

best buy has a bmw preorder bonus car

I don't know about  DLC, but you can share cars with friends. I thought it was crazy the WRX STi wasn't in the game for everyone.

The Alfa Romeo was nice in Shift 2 Unleashed. I saw some good D lap times... handles very well. I still chose the Audi S3.

It will probably be one of those special turn 10 cars from rewards and what not.

I know, its not like its a special or unique car. Uusally they do cool unique cars for pre order to make you want to pre order, not your run of the mill performance sedan.

Yup, the "don't call it an M1" 1 series M coupe.  I don't really care what they offer, I'm not preordering this.  I'll wait a while for all the hype to settle, see what the community reaction is (from the "real" racers, not the fanboys and casuals)...and if it sounds like they've made improvements and included what I'm looking for, maybe I'll consider picking it up used or wait for a deal to come along.