Pre-Order Bonuses available later as DLC?

Can anyone here clear up for me which pre-order bonuses will become available later as DLC? I'm not sure where to buy from, as so many places are doing extra bonuses.

I have only managed to find the following information on DLC:


"On October 11, 2011, three Downloadable Content (DLC) packs were announced for release following that of the game. The first DLC is the Nightwing pack scheduled for November 1, 2011, containing Batman's ally Nightwing as a playable character for the game's challenge maps, an Animated Series alternative skin for the character, and two additional challenge maps: "Wayne Manor" and "Main Hall". The second pack is set to support the Catwoman story campaign by adding four new story-missions. The third DLC, the Robin pack, is scheduled for November 22, 2011, and contains the Robin pre-order content: the playable character, alternate appearance skins and challenge maps."

So that means the Robin bonuses, from the "Robin Edition" of the game are going to be released as DLC. But I'm not sure about the various challenge maps such as the Iceberg lounge Map (From the Collectors Edition) and Joker Carnival Map (From the Joker Steelbook Edition) or the various character skins.


I'd hate to purchase an edition with additional content only to find out my content became available later on as DLC, but content from another edition did not. I haven't decided which console I'm getting it on yet, so console specific content (such as the Sinestro Corps outfit) doesn't bother me, but other content does.


Can anyone help?


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I believe all character content will be on the Marketplace later.