Pre-Order Bonus! Which is the best?

I think Robin from best buy was the best offer as he is a Character to play with insted of only a map or two


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The 'Joker's Carnival' is more than just a map, it adds 4 hours of gameplay.  To be honest, I'm getting a little dizzy keeping track of which pre-order bonus is where, I do hope that ALL of these offers will eventually become available for DLC for my pre-order has no bonus, I just want the game for now.  The PS3 version of 'Arkham Asylum' has two maps with a playable Joker character which never did become available for XBOX users and I'm hoping that there was enough outcry that RockSteady won't repeat themselves here...:-)

I prefer the The 'Joker's Carnival' as it will add gameplay which is what I prefer from DLC.

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 I do hope that ALL of these offers will eventually become available for DLC[/quote]All the pre-order content will. I was talking with one of the devs about it.

If you live in the USA. Go to Find Arkham City. If you pre-order it there you get a free copy of the GOTY edition of Arkam Asylum and a $10 eGift Card to spend at that site. A great deal. The characters/costumes available from other pre-orders will be available at a later date. A free copy of Arkham Asylum comes along only once in a great pre-order.

I preordered from Wal Mart. I had a $10 credit so it made it a little better. I rented AA so this is a great deal for anyone who doesn't own the first game!

is the jokers carnival not just a challenge map? i havent seen confirmed info of 4hrs extra content although that would sway me toward the joker edition and u gotta love the 70's batman skin lol

Yes, 4 hours of extra gameplay has been confirmed, it's not just a challenge map, from what I've read it's a mock game show in which The Joker is the host...:-)

ahhh nice one!! joker edition it is then cheers

There was a trailer for it on which wasn't very long, but does give you a brief glimpse...:-)