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So I pre-ordered my game yesterday (don't ask) at Best Buy (in US) and it says it comes with the 'Drone Strike Expansion Pack' or whatever and I also heard that you can get the 'China Rising Expansion Pack' from pre-ordering, but it did only said 'Drone Strike Expansion Pack' on the pre-order card. What does this mean? Does it depend on where you buy it (i.e. Best Buy and GameStop)? Do I get both or just the Drone Strike?


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Seems both GS and BB offer the China Expansion as a preorder bonus.......never heard of the Drone Strike so maybe you get both, I will have to look into this, BRB.

I think all pre-orders come with the china rising dlc.

Just walked into a local WalMart and bought the game and it came with China Rising no pre-order.  I am installing the game as I type.

Wow, thats nice.  Could you let me know whats needed to be installed and how large a file it is.  I may not have room on my xbox HD and would be using a USB drive.


If you got an xbox slim. fuggettaboudit

Looks like 'Drone Strike' was an old name for 'China Rising'. Thanks.