Pre game lobby question

When I go over someones name in multiplayer I will notice underneath their rank there are some circles but quiet often these circles have a rank there instead. I checked my own and noticed 3 of the circles had ranks and one didn't. I think they might be my rank from cod 4, cod 6 and black ops and the one circle left is world at war which I dont have. But can anyone confirm this for me? 


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been wondering same thing but have no clue

They show their ranks on previous call of dutys. If they have had all of them since CoD4 a rank will show up of what they had. If they didnt have one of the call of dutys since CoD4 They will have a circle because they didnt have a rank.

It's the ranks you have reached in the other Call of Duty games. From left to right they are: Call of Duty 4, World at War, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops. If there is nothing there, then that just means you haven't played multiplayer.

oh ok thanks