PP trials not tracking correctly

The GOING PRO trial shows complete with 53,594/53,594, but JOINING THE BIG LEAGUES shows 14,389/72,000, and my total kill counter is at 83,396. Why the descrepency?

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The kill count for PP trials only tracks per single playthrough (if you start a new campaign, it resets to zero).  Whereas your general Zombie kill count (tracked for purposes of the achievements) does not reset.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Actually, the kill count for PP Trials doesn't reset. I was confused too when I was trying to complete all of them. The kill count PP Trials are completed one after the other. The next one is not even visable until the current one is completed. I kind of got into an argument with other people on this forum over the exact same Trial. After you complete the 72,000 kill Trial, a 200,000 kill Trial will be unlocked. In order to complete all of them you will need over 341,000 kills. The best way to do it is to use the Turret Rig and repeatedly go back to the part of the highway near the diner. It gets to be mind-numbingly repetative, but I used the snap function to watch TV and switch between music channels.

Your view is that Turret Rig kills Zombies faster than RollerHawg?  Never tested it myself.

It's faster in the sense that instead of driving into every zombie, you can just sit still and aim the turret.

So what your sayings is after you get GOING PRO, it resets to zero and you have to get an additional 72,000 for the next trial and so on?

Nothing actually resets, the next one just starts at 0.

I get it, bad choice of words on my part, after the 53,000.. You gotta do another 72000

Ahhhh! Makes sense, bloody annoying!

^agreed! It's be cool to have leaderboards, most kills, most combo weapons made, most zombies ran over, etc etc