PowerStar Golf missing credits from Local Multiplayer glitch?

I noticed a glitch today in Powerstar Golf while i was playing with my friend in a Local Multiplayer match. 

We had one rival activated which was a person from our friends list. We started 18 holes on the first Course you get. After we were done, in the post screen where its adding all your xp and credits, i noticed I had a total of 222,000 credits including the credits I earned during the 18 hole adventure. My friend decided to go into the in-game store which is possible from this very same post menu screen. He proceeded to buy whatever he wanted and after we returned to the main menu I noticed my credits had gone down to 148,000 and I hadn't bought anything yet. 

At first, I just brushed it off and thought maybe I misread something or because I hadn't slept the night before I was seeing things. 

We then played another round and the same thing happened again. I was robbed of credits because the game seems to deduct credits from both of our banks. This only seems to happen when you're in the post screen menu after a Local Multiplayer match. I find this really annoying because this game requires grinding which is necessary for reward unless you're going to buy your credits. (which would be totally bullocks if this glitch occured after someone spent real money on an in-game microtransaction.)

This definitely needs to be fixed. I've already lost over 100k in credits because my friends decided to purchase their inventory in the post game menu. So REMEMBER: If you don't want to lose any credits, always back out of the post menu after a Local Multiplayer session to prevent any losses, annoyances, and inconveniences . 

couldn't find any info on this topic on the internet, sorry if this has been addressed already


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I noticed the game display doubles your credit count after a round,then goes down to regular when you exit. It does it to me every time I play local multiplayer.

Same problem, except in rival mode. Very frustrating to save up 60g, only to have it disappear on the store screen. The glitch has pilfered close to 100g from me already.  I would like my money back (yeah, right)

happened to me as well i lost over 60k credits.

And I have played well over a thousand rounds and have never seen this. Must be certain circumstances that cause this to happen. To avoid follow what was posted above?

I'm having this precise problem too! Seems to be with various local multi-player games. Have been ripped off of 100k credits as well as XP! This is crazy. Someone please fix this.