Powering Up the Ebony Blade?

The weapon is supposed to get stronger by killing ppl that trust you, but which NPCs are the ones that actually work? I've killed about 10 or so ppl that I thought "trusted" me but the Ebony Blade never got stronger. Any thoughts?


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Most likely its people who are considered your friends, usually someone you've helped out. It should get stronger no matter who you kill, but friends power it up the most.

If you do a quest for someone they will like you. I suggest you kill your spouse for the best benefit though.

my ebony blade stopped powering up.....dont know what happened but i went to kill the brother and sister traders in riverwood and the deadra or "whispering door" chimed in and let me know that they counted as a decitful kill but i decided not to kill them so i reloaded a save and went and did someother things. i then decided they were disposable so went back to do the deed and nothing!!! no reaction from anybody i kill. i even got married and same thing nothing when i off the wife....kinda sucks

or you can be like me and have the 10 kills needed and the sword doesnt change at all.Last 1 for the chevo to.UGH!!

I maxed out mine in 5 minutes with a weird method... I originally thought you had to kill followers with the blade, I tried that on about 4 followers, but never got an upgrade.

So I was in an Orc stronghold, All i did was **** them off (stole from them while they're watching), they ask to pay with gold or blood, I chose to fight, and was suprised to hear the whispering lady saying that my sword is getting stronger.

How does that make sense??? they don't trust me, how is it deceit? Nevertheless, it worked.

These are Orc Strongholds:


Toad, powering up this blade is not related to any of the achievements you need, just so you know.

to change it to a artifact it sure does.its part of the 15 deadric weapons you need.


It is one of the artifacts, yes, but you don't need to power it up. That's what he said and he was correct.