Powder Ganger Glitch

Someone mentioned the Powder ganger glitch in Goodsprings for anyone just starting out, or restarting, well seeing that I hadn't heard of it, or the Mantis leg one for that matter!!! I thought I'd see if it worked, After a couple of hours I am still in Goodsprings, level 21 with 15,000 caps, 43,000 9mm ammo and 850 leather Armors. Suffice to say it still works,   lol 


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Glitches are for noobs.

Not sure about the mantis leg one, but the powder ganger one stops you from completing the quest. I'm a completionist and therefore adverse to this.

Also check the bodies of the Powder Gangers that you killed, they should also have the same amount of leather armour as you to collect aswell.

If You wait in three day cycles at Chet's store, You can increase both goods and caps.

Chet will replenish His caps total to around 5 grand and You can upgrade Your weapons slightly too.

The other benefit to this glitch is collecting about 10 more perks You would not have gotten doing the straight and narrow path.

A byproduct of this Fallout 3 is the vendor glitch.

If You collect the virtually broken mini gun from Novac, You can empty gunners kiosk every three days of all of it's guns and ammo, selling the gun for under fifty caps and reselling it back for over a thousand.

Every three to four days You can sell repeat the process.  

Wonder if the vendor glitch will work in Fallout 4 too.