Potion Ingredients Please

Hi I want to make some magic but haven't played Elder Crolls before and I'm level 8


So just some basic ingredients for some amazing potions please :)


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You don't make magic. You learn it. By either joining the college at Winterhold or by reading books.

Potions can be made to enhance certain magic, heath, or stamina effects. You learn about the effects of ingredients by eating them and then combining them at an alchemy station.

Good luck to you in the game.

At lvl 8, unless you haven't been leveling up much, you won't be able to make great potions anyway. In whiterun, the first town you visit, in the jarls palace, there is a mage that sells spell tomes that you can learn new spells. Many of them are lower leveled ones, with a few higher ones as well. The nice thing about this game is that you don't have to be a certain level in destruction or illusion to cast spells, you just have to have enough magicka to cast it.

If something has 4 unknown slots under it when you take it go into your inventory and eat it, you will learn 1 effect that ingredient has then you can mix it with an ingredient with the same effect. After doing this for a while you will learn more effects for the same ingredients. Alchemy is a cash cow in this game. I actually became over encumbered using this skill because I had way to many potions. Didn''t pay a dime for them so every septim made was pure profit.